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ergonomic Work station Design assessment

Ideal for light industrial or office shared work stations or to develop design  recommendations for multiple work stations.  

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Ergonomic Assessment for Symptom driven referrals

Use quantitative ergonomic assessment tool ie. ROSA or similar, to determine level of risk.  Appropriate for an on site or home based worker with musculoskeletal symptoms.  

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New Employee/ New Work station Brief assessment

This service is offered as a preventive, administrative control.  It  includes education on maintaining  safe workstation design, chair adjustments and trouble shooting poor design before bad habits develop.  This could include a Sit Stand work station assessment. 

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INdustrial Ergonomic evaluation and recomendations

Manufacturing, assembly, material handling work assessed through  use of appropriate quantitative tools:  REBA, RULA, NIOSH lifting equation, Snooks tables to assist in identifying risks .

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Office LLC: 

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Remote Ergonomic Assessments

1. Improve productivity and quality by improving comfort and ease of use

2.  Decrease musculoskeletal stress and risk of injury. 

Virtual assessments can be as effective as in person with pictures of the work station and the worker which allows for accurate data collection.  


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