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Service Providers

Heidi Alderman, OTR and Alita Dorn, OTR, CPEE, are University of Wisconsin Madison alumni and has been  Occupational Therapists working for a large health system over 25 years.
They work in industrial settings with goals of safe return to work and  prevention of disability and pain. 
They have completed hundreds of office ergonomic assessments and recommendations for work station redesign, set up. 
They also have significant experience with industrial wellness initiatives, on site early intervention of muscluloskeletal disorders, work hardening rehabilitation, body mechanics training, posture and exercise programs for large groups and individuals, training/ education of employees on ergonomics, body mechanics and safe work practices. 
Heidi is certified  Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) provider, providing expertise in assessing and treating movement dysfunction.  
Alita is a certified professional ergonomic evaluator.
They are licensed in the state of Wisconsin and through the National Board of Certification of Occupational Therapy.  
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