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Scope of service

Working Coffee

Remote ergonomic assessment will include contact with the employee to gather history, assess concerns  and perform a risk based assessment via one or all of the following:  phone, e-mail and live video chat.   

Information will be gathered via photos, video and narrative measurements. 

A list of risk reduction options, including specific dimensions ranges and  equipment  and a report with priority of risk will be sent to employee and employer. 

Assessment tools may include ROSA: Rapid Office Strain Assessment, RULA ( which has been validated on computer users), anthropometric data and Ergonomic Workspace Fitting data.  ​

NO diagnosis or treatment of musculoskeletal disorders is expressed or implied.  

This assessment and recommendations are not to be substituted for medical care.  

Please seek medical care including diagnosis and treatment recommendations from qualified medical provider if symptoms are present.   Follow up e mail  reassessment will be made by Ergonomic Office 2 weeks following assessment.  

A typical assessment will follow this structure:  

  1.  Interview employees and incident report as available.  Preferably interview through audio and visual medium.

  2. Review photos and measurements of work station.  Employee or designee will provide those on request.

  3. Identify ergonomic / body mechanic problems using a peer reviewed, published assessment tool and industry accepted best practice ergonomic design principles including references.  

  4. Make recommendations for improved ergonomics / body mechanics, specific equipment  examples and work station set up including specific dimensions using anthropometric data.  

  5. The above will be documented in a report including subjective, objective, assessment and plan data.  



The ergonomic assessment will not include medical diagnosis or treatment recommendations.  

The assessment is virtual and no “in person” services will be provided, therefore objective measures will be provided by employee or designee.  Recommendations may be in ranges as the evaluator is not in person in the environment

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